Players + Ballers + Hustlers: WELCOME.

Clutch Physical Therapy NYC

Clutch Physical Therapy was built for athletes, by athletes.

Which means we will customize a functional treatment for each of our athlete’s rehabilitation, training and performance goals.

But more importantly, we get it. We know exactly how badly our patients want to return to training and daily life, and how frustrated they’ll be til we get them there. As athletes, we’ve been there ourselves.

In a private, outpatient setting on the Upper East Side of NYC, combined with access to Bio Fitness gym, patient care extends beyond personalized treatment to fully functional movement. Our expert analysis encompasses full body and movement assessment to ensure the root causes of injury are pinpointed and treated, to prevent pain from recurring. We don’t resort to temporary fixes. We’ll fix you for good.

We want our patients to realize their full athletic potential. We get them back out there. In the clutch. When it counts.

And in return, our hope is that our Clutch athletes stick around — not only to stay on top of injury prevention, but for the support of a like-minded community. We love to hear about those PR’s and the next race goal.